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One day rummaging around on the Internet in search of the perfect solution, I came across the site campboxy it turned out that you can order yourself a so-called campbox. You don't even have to take out the seats, just fold them up and there is already a bedroom. Well, simple fast and without interference with the car.... It couldn't have been better. With this, I have my own campbox made to fit me and my Doblo. Of course, there was no shortage of introduction of oddities on my part in the form of an additional folding top and recess for a canister. The whole structure is stable and solidly built.

Maciek Wielobób

Highly recommended. Simple, lightweight bodies for vans and even smaller cars. Easy to disassemble and assemble by yourself. Affordable prices. Ours already proven on trips.


Mega convenient solution for a quick trip. Thanks to this solution we slept comfortably and had everything at hand ;) I recommend.


I became interested in the idea of mini campers and cheap travel during the pandemic. It can be said that this is the only good consequence, all the difficult situation in which we found ourselves. Despite the restrictions, I went around Poland, more than 3,000 kilometers, visiting hundreds of places along the way. These experiences sparked the idea that Campboxes - or mobile camping boxes - could be available to almost every owner of a station wagon or minivan. As of 2021, it is building a community CAMPBOXY. There are already more than 15tys of us.


... And here we come to a solution that, through its simplicity and low cost, is beginning to gain popularity in the circles of practical, resourceful people who value the multifunctionality of devices.... There is a need - there is a product. It quickly turned out that such a solution is a shot in 10!

Camping box gives you the freedom to travel, camp, discover new places and most of all meet new people

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System FastBox





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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

Tim Cahill

We Travel Not to Escape Life But For Life Not to Escape Us.


Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs.

Amin Maalouf

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